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MedBen University Season Rolls out with Roundtables


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MedBen University Season Rolls out with Roundtables

MedBen University

MedBen University (MBU) will soon be in session! Our educational seminar series will offer attendees actionable information on a range of health benefits management topics, from utilization trends to new cost-reducing benefit solutions.

MBU will kick off its 17th season with a series of benefits management roundtables. These special sessions use data from MedBen's business blocks as a starting point for a discussion of medical and pharmacy claim trends, showing where your health care dollars are going and helping you spot opportunities to lower costs. We'll also look at new and emerging coverage strategies, including a unique cost-reducing prescription benefits solution.

All three events will be held at the C. Arthur Morrow Conference Center, 1821 W. Main Street, Newark, Ohio (located next to the MedBen home office). Invitations will be mailed soon, so keep an eye out for yours!

16th Annual Hospital Roundtable
Because of a hospital's position as a care provider, benefit planning poses particular challenges and opportunities for plan administrators. Attendees will learn ways to use this industry advantage to their best benefit, and what performance indicators to watch in order to best manage costs.

12th Annual Municipality Roundtable
City and county governments, school systems and other public sector employers also face unique health care cost control issues. Attendees will learn cost reduction strategies that municipalities can apply to their coverage, and ways that they can make more informed planning decisions.

2nd Annual Employer Roundtable
While no two businesses are alike, there are actions that every employer can take to maximize the effectiveness of their self-funded plan. This session will highlight strategies that have proven successful to MedBen clients as well as new approaches to benefits management that promise to reduce plan costs even further.

Even if you've attended previous MBUs, you'll still get plenty of useful and timely information about health care planning. Our team of benefit management professionals will be happy to answer your questions... and yes, a continental breakfast and lunch will be provided at every session.

We hope to see you at an MBU event in 2018!

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