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MedBen University Starts 2017 Season with Industry Roundtables


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MedBen University Starts 2017 Season with Industry Roundtables

MedBen University

Now going into our 16th year, MedBen University (MBU) continues to offer free educational seminars across the Midwest. Our team of benefits management professionals covers a variety of subjects, from cost-saving strategies to regulatory updates.

This year's MBU season will commence with a pair of roundtables that focus on the distinctive needs of specific industries. In addition to learning about current spending trends, attendees can see first-hand how their plans compare with those of other businesses. Both will be held at the C. Arthur Morrow Conference Center, 1821 W. Main Street, Newark, Ohio (located next to the MedBen home office; times to be determined).

15th Annual Hospital Roundtable
Thursday, March 23
Because of a hospital's position as a care provider, benefit planning poses particular challenges and opportunities for plan administrators. Attendees will learn ways to use this industry advantage to their best benefit, and what performance indicators to watch in order to best manage costs.

11th Annual Municipality Roundtable
Thursday, March 30
City and country governments, school systems and other public sector employers also face unique health care cost control issues. Attendees will learn money-saving strategies that municipalities can apply to their coverage, and ways that they can make more informed planning decisions.

These roundtables are open to their respective industry members, so if you represent a hospital or municipality, whether you are a current client or not, we invite you to join us! Simply contact MedBen Sales Analyst Sally Wood at (800) 423-3151, ext. 502 or emailing Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Keep an eye out for additional information about these seminars and others in both your mailbox and emails!

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