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MedBen Uses Technology, Training to Protect Your Personal Data


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MedBen Uses Technology, Training to Protect Your Personal Data

Rose McEntire

While ransomware attacks have increased during the first half of 2017, accidental data breaches caused by employee error are also a serious problem, according to new research by Beazely, a breach insurance company. As reported by Benefits Pro, employee error comprises 30% of overall breaches, compared to 32% resulting from hacking and malware attacks.

Because personal data is essential to our daily business, MedBen has had resources in place for many years to ensure the safety of personal data – and we continue to add to our security measures. In addition to implementing a variety of client data safeguards, we employ multiple strategies to minimize the risk of human error in the use and disclosing of protected health information (PHI).

  • Every MedBen employee who works with PHI undergoes extensive training in its proper usage. Should there be a request or a need for such information to be disseminated, these employees are instructed as to who can properly view it as well as the approved means of transmittal for disclosing it when appropriate.
  • Since 2005, MedBen has been ISO 9001 Certified. This means that processes are in place for all manner of work procedures involving PHI, from their use in conjunction with claims review and payment, to customer service inquiries. These processes ensure that quality standards related to PHI use are met.
  • All electronic data transmissions are secured by an FTP server with an encrypted connection, or sent via a secure email portal that is encrypted over a secure network. All passwords on our system are coded via a one-way encryption process to prevent decryption, before being stored in our databases.

    Moreover, when we send a document containing PHI to a provider or other designated recipient, it is posted electronically on our MedBen Secure website, again over a safeguarded line.

MedBen clients who have questions about MedBen’s electronic PHI safeguards are welcome to contact Vice President of Information Systems Rose McEntire at

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