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MedBen Wellness Coaching Makes A Big Difference To Plan Member


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MedBen Wellness Coaching Makes A Big Difference To Plan Member

Specialized nurse coaching for plan members who may be at risk for certain conditions is a key feature of MedBen’s Worksite Wellness program. And sometimes, a single session can have a life-altering effect.

A nurse coach with our wellness program shared the following experience with us (the identity of the plan member remained private):

A 55-year-old employee, whose employer had just added MedBen Worksite Wellness to its health care coverage, was encouraged by the nurse to get her first colonoscopy. During a follow-up conversation with the nurse several months later, the employee reported that she recently underwent a screening.

“My doctor found one benign polyp and one cancerous, Stage 1 polyp,” she told her coach. “They are going to do a colectomy next month.

“Thanks to my wellness program it was found before it spread further.”

As this anecdote shows, timely screenings can help to detect cancer in its earliest stages, thereby preventing a more serious condition – and more costly care – down the road. In fact, a recent Kaiser Permanente study found that regular colonoscopies can sometimes reduce the risk of death from colon cancer by nearly 70%.

Selected employees and dependents entered into MedBen’s Specialty Care Program receive guidance through customized education and counseling. The nurse coach contacts the plan member via phone, letter or e-mail, and schedules periodic follow-up calls on a regular basis. The service is voluntary, and information obtained by the coaches is not reported to the employer.

To learn more about how worksite wellness can improve the health of all of your employees while saving your business money, contact MedBen Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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