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Middle-Age Fitness Reduces Health Costs In Later Life


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Middle-Age Fitness Reduces Health Costs In Later Life

It comes as no surprise that most people incur higher medical costs in their senior years. But new research suggests a potential way to bring those expenses down by over one-third.

According to HealthDay News, a Dallas, Texas-based study of more than 20,000 people determined that fit middle-aged men and women had, on average, 38% lower medical costs later in life compared to people who failed to stay in shape.

“We found that fitness confers dividends later in life even when other risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure and obesity are controlled for,” said study author Dr. Justin Bachmann.

Average annual claims for medical costs for the least-fit men, at $5,134, were about 36% higher than the average of $3,277 a year for the most-fit men. The average medical claims of $4,565 for the least-fit women were about 40% higher than the $2,755 average for the most fit.

Levels of fitness were determined by a treadmill test measuring metabolic equivalents (METs), Bachmann said. The higher the METs, the more fit a person is.

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