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More Men Choosing to Monitor Prostate Cancer


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More Men Choosing to Monitor Prostate Cancer

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More men are opting to monitor their low-risk prostate cancer rather than getting surgery... and cancer experts say they're pleased about the trend.

According to a new study (as reported by HealthDay News), 42% of men with small, slow-growing tumors chose to monitor their condition in 2015. That's triple the number of patients from 2010 (14%).

Because removal of the prostate gland carries multiple risks, physicians have increasingly advised against surgery if the tumor poses no immediate threat to the patient’s health. "We were 'curing' a lot of men who didn't need to be cured," said Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society (ACS).

MedBen WellLiving currently follows ACS guidelines, which recommend that men age 50 and above (or younger, in cases of high risk) should discuss testing options with their family doctor. Decisions about testing should be based on family history, lifestyle, and symptoms. However, some WellLiving clients do encourage all male plan members of appropriate age to get tested, so be sure to check your plan's guidelines before scheduling your annual wellness exam.

MedBen clients who have any questions about current prostate cancer guidelines are welcome to contact Director of Compliance Erin Kelly at

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