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Nearly Half Of U.S Unaware Affordable Care Act Is Law


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Nearly Half Of U.S Unaware Affordable Care Act Is Law

It seems that a good number of people aren’t too concerned about the effects of the health care reform law – namely, because they don’t even know it’s really a law, NBC News reports.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll, 42% of Americans are unaware that the Affordable Care Act is currently a law. Of that group, 12% believe it has been repealed by Congress, 7% think the U.S. Supreme Court overturned it, and 23% are unsure of its status.

(Incidentally, we can report with confidence that the law is very much alive… however, we can’t say that it’s well.)

The poll also found that for those who know the ACA exists, most have a negative impression of it – 40% compared to 35% who have a favorable view. Since the presidential election, public support of the law has dropped 7%.

The findings come at a period in which the Obama Administration is scrambling to educate Americans about upcoming ACA provisions, in particular the health insurance exchanges from which individuals and small groups can buy converage starting in 2014. Meanwhile, 49% of poll respondents say they still do not have enough information about the law and how it will impact their families.

Yesterday, President Obama defended of the implementation of his signature legislative achievement: “Despite all the hue and cry and ‘sky is falling’ predictions about this stuff, if you’ve already got health insurance, then that part of ‘Obamacare’ that affects you, it’s pretty much already in place.”

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