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“New” Drug Pricing Tools? Not for MedBen


“New” Drug Pricing Tools? Not for MedBen

pharmacist prepping prescriptions

A Managed Healthcare Executive article spotlights "New Drug Pricing Tools" that could save patients and health plans money -- among them, a recently launched "real-time benefits tool" that shows out-of-pocket costs for medications based on a patient's plan benefits. Sound like a great idea... which is why MedBen has already offered it for years.

Our online MedBen Access service provides pricing transparency by allowing plan members to find the costs and copays of specific drugs, as well as costs and copays for any generic and therapeutic alternatives in the drug class. In the case of high-price medications, they can see substantial savings.

In addition to cost checks, MedBen Access allows members to review their prescription purchases and get detailed medication information. To use these features, just go to and click on "MedBen Access." Once you've logged in, select "My Rx Claims."

Pricing transparency is just one way that MedBen helps clients reduce their pharmacy plan costs. We now offer two innovative saving solutions: Rx Advocate, which bases pricing on the average actual costs that pharmacists pay for drugs; and Rx Alliance, which brings together hospitals and pharmacies to offer substantially lower drug pricing for qualified employers. Visit to learn more.

Learn more about MedBen Rx pricing tools by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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