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New MedBen Client Report Spotlights Budget-saving Solutions


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New MedBen Client Report Spotlights Budget-saving Solutions

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Group health care plans can take up a sizable chunk of employer budgets, but MedBen offers a variety of ways to free up a portion of those funds for other business matters. In our new MedBen Client Report, we highlight some of the methods we use to save clients money.

According to Benefits Pro, a new report from the Society of Human Resource Management says the cost of providing health coverage to the average U.S. employee rose nearly $500 over the past year. That means employers are now spending an average of $8,669 annually for each worker they cover, or about 7.6% of their budget. Fortunately, MedBen has multiple solutions to keep your coverage costs in check.

This year's Client Report explains how saving employers money is a companywide effort. Our solutions range from a doctor-driven system for comprehensive claim review, to a transparent pharmacy plan that returns 100% of prescription rebates and discounts to the client. The report also shows the actual savings clients are seeing from these and other cost containment services.

We recently sent the Client Report to our self-funded group contacts and brokers. If you have not yet received one or would like to request additional copies, please contact Sales Analyst Sally Wood at Or, if you're an employer interested in knowing more about the ways that MedBen's self-funded savings solutions can benefit your bottom line, you're welcome to contact our Sales and Marketing Department at 888-627-8683.

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