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New Research Shows Importance Of Vision Care (and Vision Insurance)


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New Research Shows Importance Of Vision Care (and Vision Insurance)

We’ve noted on this blog that regular vision exams can help to identify the onset of diabetes. Now, new research emphasizes just how crucial early detection can be.

According to Employee Benefit News, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that higher diabetes rates in American are contributing to greater vision loss that can’t be corrected by glasses. From 1999-2002 to 2005-2008, the rate of non-refractive visual impairment jumped 21%.

“This is real, meaningful vision loss,” said David Friedman, a professor of public health ophthalmology and study author. “We need to do everything we can to try to avoid diabetes altogether and make sure people diagnosed with diabetes are getting repeat eye care to treat anything that develops.”

Meanwhile, a second study – this one published in the Archives of Ophthalmology – found that quality vision insurance is a key to maintaining healthy eyes. Reuters reports that people between 40 and 65 years old with vision insurance were twice as likely to see an eye doctor in the past year than those without coverage, and tended to have better vision status.

MedBen offers early detection and treatment of vision abnormalities through its MedBen VisionPlus plan. Emphasizing regular exams and featuring an extensive provider network, MedBen VisionPlus is an affordable and convenient option for employers with 10 or more enrollees.

To learn more about MedBen VisionPlus, contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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