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New Rx Alliance Program Uses Purchasing Power to Lower Drug Costs


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New Rx Alliance Program Uses Purchasing Power to Lower Drug Costs


MedBen recently introduced Rx Advocate, a unique pharmacy program that breaks from traditional plans by focusing on the average costs that pharmacies pay for prescription drugs, rather than using inflated wholesale prices. But Rx Advocate is just one of two new pharmacy solutions we're now offering.

Did you know that hospitals can purchase prescriptions drugs at a lower cost than even the largest of retail chains? MedBen Rx Alliance aligns the purchasing power of hospitals with the convenience of local pharmacies, providing qualified organizations with the lowest possible prescription prices available. While qualified organizations save on prescription drug spending, hospitals are building great relationships and showing their commitment to their communities.

Selected organizations qualify for MedBen Rx Alliance. To determine whether your organization is qualified, please call MedBen at (866) 623-2365.

There’s nothing quite like MedBen Rx Alliance and our expertise can help you understand it quicker. To learn more, contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at You can also get more information by visiting our new MedBen Rx website (more about that here).

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