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Obama Prepping For Round Two Of Health Care Reform Wars?


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Obama Prepping For Round Two Of Health Care Reform Wars?

Despite President Obama’s oft-cited contention that the Supreme Court will uphold his landmark health care reform law, he is leaving the door open to the possibility of having to revisit the issue in a second term, Bloomberg reports.

At a fundraiser in May, Obama conceded that he may be forced to revise part of his health care plan, depending on how the court rules later this month. A Democratic activist at the event revealed this information with the promise of anonymity, as smart phones and Blackberries were checked at the door.

Apparently, the president has made similar remarks at other recent fundraising events, belying his concern that the Supreme Court justices could strike down portions of the Affordable Care Act, or overturn it altogether.

However, in an e-mail to Bloomberg, Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney said, “While I won’t discuss in detail the president’s private conversations, I can say that your reporting, attributed to unnamed sources, inaccurately reflects the president’s views.”

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