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Obesity Exhausting Global Resources, Researchers Caution


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Obesity Exhausting Global Resources, Researchers Caution

Here’s a rather unsettling fact: Scientists have deduced that that global effect of overweight and obese people is like adding half a billion to the 7 billion humans on the Earth.

Using data from the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO), British researchers estimated that the cumulative weight of every adult human on this planet is 287 million tons – 15 million of which is due to overweight, and 3.5 million to obesity.

A Medical News Today article on the study notes that “[a]round half the food a human being eats is burned up in physical activity. But the more mass a person has, the more energy he or she needs for the same amount of physical activity, because it takes more energy to move a heavier body. Even when not moving, a heavier body burns more energy.”

The additional resources required to generate this additional energy threatens food security and ecological sustainability, the researchers warned.

The study also determined that North America is responsible for 34% of global obesity, even though it holds only 6% of the world’s population.

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