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One Dental Checkup A Year Enough For Some, Study Suggests


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One Dental Checkup A Year Enough For Some, Study Suggests

Two dental cleanings a year may be overkill for some people – though most patients do benefit from semi-annual checkups, a new University of Michigan study suggests.

According to HealthDay News (via WebMD), study author William Giannobile and colleagues reviewed data from more than 5,100 adults who visited the dentist regularly for 16 straight years to examine the link between the frequency of teeth cleanings and long-term tooth loss in the participants. They also reviewed three key risk factors for gum disease: smoking, diabetes and genetics.

The research team found that two dental cleanings a year provided significant benefits to people with one or more of the three risk factors, while people with two or three of the risk factors may require more than two cleanings a year. One cleaning per year appears sufficient for people with none of the risk factors, according to the study… but Giannobile noted in university news release that “over half the population” have at least one risk factor.

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