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Over 53 Million Americans Could Have Diabetes By 2025, Report Warns


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Over 53 Million Americans Could Have Diabetes By 2025, Report Warns

If the diabetes epidemic continues to progress at its current pace, 53 million Americans may have the disease by 2025, a new report states.

According to, researchers based their projections for specific states and population subgroups using the most current U.S. Census Bureau forecasts. Should the rate of diabetes (mainly type 2) grow as they predict, it would represent a 64% increase from 2010.

“Diabetes is now a national security issue as it threatens all aspects of our nation’s well-being,” noted Dr. David B. Nash, Editor-in-Chief of Population Health Management, the journal that published the report.

The authors of the report emphasized that if the lessons from the Diabetes 2025 Model are heeded, lifestyle changes can help to slow the growth of the disease, as well as the resultant costs.

“If our health care system were able to persuade 50% of Americans with prediabetes every year to seriously change their lifestyles for the rest of their lives, the result could be about 4.7 million fewer cases of diabetes in 2025 with a cumulative savings of about $300 billion. Yet even if this happened, there would still be 48.4 million Americans living with diabetes,” the authors explained.

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