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Painkiller Restrictions Dropped From Congressional Bill


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Painkiller Restrictions Dropped From Congressional Bill

The New York Times reports that pharmacy and drugstore representatives have successfully lobbied against efforts to impose stricter controls on painkillers and other commonly abused prescription drugs.

The new restrictions, had they been passed by Congress, would have required patients to seek new prescriptions for refills of Vicodin and other hydrocone products, required a higher level of security for the storage and transportation of the drugs, and increased penalties for misuse.

Though the Senate approved the controls as part of a bill reauthorizing user fees for the Food and Drug Administration, the House of Representatives didn’t include a similar provision in their legislation. Negotiators from both houses reached a bipartisian agreement on the overall bill, omitting the restrictions.

Senator Joe Manchin III (D.-WV), who led the push for new controls, said in an interview that chain pharmacies and drugstores should rethink their business model in regard to painkillers. “These are legal drugs needed by some people. But they can also be addictive. They are so readily accessible, so easy to obtain, that they are ravaging society and ending many young lives,” he said.

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