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Pharmacists Also Available To Help With OTC Decisions


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Pharmacists Also Available To Help With OTC Decisions

Pharmacists offer a ready source of information to patients trying to sort their way through the maze of over-the-counter (OTC) offerings as well as those bearing prescriptions – and based on the findings of a new study, most are more than willing to take a few moments to assist you in your OTC search.

Medical News Today summarizes the results of the 2010 Pharmacy Today Over-the-Counter Product Survey, conducted by the American Pharmacists Association. Among the findings: pharmacists believe that 81% of consumers select OTC products based on the recommendation of their pharmacist; 92% of pharmacists will accompany patients through the OTC aisles to offer advice with their selection; and the average patient consultation takes only three minutes to complete.

The survey also notes the most pharmacist-recommended allergy, sinus and general decongestant products. Among them:

  • Adult Topical Decongestants - Afrin (66% of 669 pharmacist recommendations)
  • Adult Decongestants - Sudafed (65% of 2,070 pharmacist recommendations)
  • Nasal Decongestants, Saline - Ocean (54% of 1,250 pharmacist recommendations)
  • Allergy Ophthalmic Drops - Zaditor (36% of 1,619 pharmacist recommendations)
  • Adult Multi-symptom Allergy and Hay Fever Products - Claritin-D (35% of 2,406 pharmacist recommendations)
  • Adult Antihistamines - Claritin (32% of 2,717 pharmacist recommendations)

The complete results of the Pharmacy Today Survey are available here.

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