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MedBen Access Helps Rx Customers Be Savvy Shoppers


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MedBen Access Helps Rx Customers Be Savvy Shoppers


A Los Angeles Times article highlights the extreme disparity in prescription drug costs between pharmacies. It's a harsh reality that demonstrates the usefulness of Rx pricing information available through MedBen Access and other online sites.

As major pharmacy operations consolidate, the price differences from one pharmacy to another can vary greatly. The article sites one generic drug that ranges in cost from $45 to nearly $1,000 for a 30-day supply, depending on what pharmacy is filling the prescription.

For group health plan members, such differences can be invisible, especially for those who only pay a flat cost for a drug regardless if it's a brand name or generic. But if the drug is not covered under the plan, cost variances take on a much greater importance. In such cases, free online sites and apps like GoodRx, which compare drug prices at pharmacies across the U.S. and even offer discount cards, are indispensable.

However, even when patients have the safety net of pharmacy coverage, it's still useful to know exactly how much the plan is paying for their prescriptions – after all, higher drug costs are ultimately reflected in higher premiums. At MedBen, we offer a handy tool through our member services site, MedBen Access.

In addition to allowing patients to see the total plan cost for their medication on top of what they pay out of pocket, MedBen Access provides a useful way to see how the cost fares against therapeutic alternatives. In many cases, the price difference can be significant.

Current MedBen clients with questions about their pharmacy plan design are welcome to contact their group service representative. Or if you're not a client and interested in learning in learning about other ways that MedBen can save your group money on pharmacy costs, please contact our Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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