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Pondering The Future Of Colonoscopies


  04:35:37 pm, by MedBen5   , 191 words,  
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Pondering The Future Of Colonoscopies

Will colonoscopies someday be retired in favor of a less invasive form of screening? Pretty much so, says gastroenterologist Michael Kirsch:

“Gastroenterologists have successfully prevailed against CT colonography, a competing test which examines the entire colon for polyps using a CT scan. We have the edge in this duel since patients who pursue the CT scan option must still take a vigorous laxative and, if polyps are discovered, they cannot be removed. Colonoscopy’s unrivaled advantage is that it can remove nearly all polyps discovered. It’s one stop shopping. If radiologists perfect the technique of performing a CT colonography without any required laxatives, then the scales may tip in their favor.

“The above vignette is not a futuristic hypothetical creation. I suspect that colonoscopy and CT colonography will be properly forced out during my own career as colon cancer screening techniques. Colonoscopy will still be performed, but only when some kinder and gentler screening test indicates that an individual has a high probability of harboring polyps. It will no longer be wielded in a buckshot fashion. The number of colonoscopies being performed will be decimated.”


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