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Price Disclosure in Rx Ads Doesn’t Tell Full Story


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Price Disclosure in Rx Ads Doesn’t Tell Full Story

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The Trump administration recently announced that drug makers will now have to include prices in their TV advertising beginning this summer.

Prescription drug cost transparency is a good thing… and MedBen makes transparency a keystone of its pharmacy plans, so clients know their actual drug costs. But while Rx ad disclosures are useful, further context is needed.

Today, too many pharmacy benefits managers are making excessive profits by manipulating the margin on drugs, then charging it to their customers. And employers still don’t know what the actual cost of the drug is.

MedBen Rx is different.
We start low by using the average price pharmacists pay for a drug and add a fair dispensing fee. That way, what a plan pays for a drug reflects its real cost – that’s true transparency. On average, the MedBen Rx difference saves clients 11% on prescription drug purchases.

With MedBen Rx, pricing is simple: You pay less, period. Find out more by visiting or contacting our Marketing Department at

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