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Primary Care Critical to Population Health Management


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Primary Care Critical to Population Health Management

Doctor and Patient

The importance of primary care physicians to improved population health goes well beyond "simple office visits," says Asaf Bitton, an internist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, to The Daily Briefing:

"Primary care, when done well, is a method of care that basically offers valuable core functions for people and health systems. It offers first-contact access, it offers coordination, it offers continuity, it offers comprehensiveness, and it offers a whole-person approach. These functions are complex and deeply valuable to people.

"If you want a system that produces population health, that addresses those key functions, including providing a safe, patient-centered system, you have to have a robust primary care foundation."

Dr. Britton's comments lie at the heart of what MedBen espouses through its WellLiving program: The relationship between the patient and the family doctor sets the foundation for population health management... and by building this relationship through regular wellness exams and screenings, the doctor is better able to advise the patient regarding the proper path they should take to achieve optimal health.

In short, the WellLiving "physician first" approach translates to a healthier workplace... and, as our experience has shown, long-term employer savings. Learn more about the physical and financial advantages of population health management through WellLiving by contacting MedBen Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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