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Categories: Security, Privacy

At MedBen, Data Security is a Round-the-Clock Duty

Two high-profile health care companies recently reported data breaches that put the security of personal medical information at risk. Such incidents are all too common these days... and demonstrate why MedBen maintains a multi-tiered approach to… more »


  11:09:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 358 words,  
Categories: Announcements, Security, Privacy, Compliance, MedBen Employees, Information Systems

MedBen Announces Promotions of Fraker, Crain

MedBen is pleased to announce the promotions of Caroline Fraker to Senior Vice President and Wendell Crain to Vice President of Information Systems and Chief Security Officer (CSO). A 30-plus year veteran of employee benefits, Fraker has assisted… more »


  10:18:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 264 words,  
Categories: Announcements, News, Online Services, Security, Privacy, MedBen Employees

MedBen Information Systems VP McEntire Retiring

It is with sincere gratitude for her service, and more than a little sadness, that MedBen announces the retirement of Vice President of Information Systems Rose McEntire on October 31, 2018. (That day also happens to be her birthday, so... nicely timed,… more »


  04:00:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 256 words,  
Categories: Announcements, News, Privacy, Third party administration, Compliance, MedBen Employees

Fraker to Serve as SPBA Secretary/Treasurer

MedBen Vice President of Compliance & Chief Privacy Officer Caroline Fraker will serve as Board Secretary/Treasurer of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) for the 2018 year. Fraker joined the board in 2015. As… more »


  08:15:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 273 words,  
Categories: Privacy, MedBen Employees, HIPAA

MedBen HIPAA Training Stresses Proper Use of PHI

As part of ongoing efforts to ensure the privacy of client PHI (protected health information), all MedBen employees recently attended HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) refresher training, with sessions led by Vice President of… more »


  09:50:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 200 words,  
Categories: Security, Privacy

For MedBen, Your Data Security Is an Ongoing Commitment

No business is more acutely aware of the importance of data security nowadays than those in the health care industry. With ransomware becoming more prevalent, the need for heightened measures has never been greater... and for years, MedBen has been… more »


  10:50:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 251 words,  
Categories: News, Security, Privacy

Cyberattacks Show No Signs of Stopping, So MedBen Remains Vigilant

As we've seen in the headlines repeatedly these days, even high-level government agencies are vulnerable to cyberattacks. For MedBen, it serves as a continual reminder that there is no comfort level when it comes to security ‒ rather, an effective… more »


  03:25:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 243 words,  
Categories: News, Security, Privacy, Research

Ransomware Threats Require a Strong Defense

When it comes to matters of personal security, sometimes common-sense solutions are the most effective ‒ which is why MedBen performs full backups of electronic client data and stores it offsite at a secure location. Recent ransomware outbreaks… more »


  04:20:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 254 words,  
Categories: Security, Privacy

MedBen Continues to Find Ways to Safeguard Your Data

At MedBen, we continually evaluate and make changes our its data security procedures. As the threats have grown, we have been proactive in finding ways to stop them. MedBen approaches security from three perspectives: external, internal and physical.… more »


  04:22:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 258 words,  
Categories: News, Security, Privacy

Ransomware Presents Latest Challenge to Cybersecurity

Health care security concerns continue to capture the media's attention, as the term "ransomware" has quickly entered the vernacular. It's a growing problem that demands constant attention... which is why MedBen maintains a multi-pronged response to… more »


  10:41:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 241 words,  
Categories: News, Security, Privacy

MedBen Uses Multiple Means to Guard Against Cyberattacks

A hospital in Los Angeles made national headlines this week when, following a cyberattack that disabled the facility's computer devices for over a week, it paid a $17,000 ransom to regain system access. However unusual the circumstances may seem, the… more »


  11:14:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 224 words,  
Categories: Announcements, News, Security, Privacy

MedBen Puts Its Cybersecurity Measures To The Test

A new report says that only a small fraction of businesses are fully prepared to deal with cyber attacks. MedBen counts itself among them. According to BenefitsPro, the report by consulting firm Accenture found that only about half of the 900 companies… more »


  09:47:00 pm, by MedBen5   , 456 words,  
Categories: News, Security, Privacy

At MedBen, Your Data Security Is A Top Priority

Last week’s disclosure that a major health insurer was hit by a massive cybersecurity breach has led to renewed media attention about the measures that benefits management companies are taking to protect their customers' personal information –… more »