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Proposals To Simplify Employer Mandate Include Streamlined Reporting


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Proposals To Simplify Employer Mandate Include Streamlined Reporting

Last week, we alerted you to new regulations proposed by the Treasury Department and IRS on information reporting requirements under the employer mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act. As we noted, the agency is requesting feedback in regard to options for simplifying the reporting process, which has come under criticism by employer groups.

While final rules likely won’t be released until late 2013 or early 2014, it’s interesting to look at the specific reguations suggested under the proposal. They include:

  • Replacing employee statements with Form W-2 reporting on offers of employer-sponsored coverage to employees, spouses, and dependents.
  • Eliminating the need to determine whether particular employees are full-time if adequate coverage is offered to all potentially full-time employees.
  • Allowing employers to report the specific cost to an employee of purchasing employer-sponsored coverage only if the cost is above a specified dollar amount.
  • Allowing self-insured group health plans to avoid furnishing multiple employee statements, and instead furnishing a single substitute statement.
  • Limited reporting for certain self-insured employers offering no-cost coverage to employees and their families.
  • Permitting health insurance issuers to forgo reporting on individual coverage offered through an insurance exchange because that information will be provided by the exchange.
  • Permitting health insurance issuers, employers, and other reporting entities to forgo reporting the specific dates of coverage (instead reporting only the months of coverage), the amount of any cost-sharing reductions, or the portion of the premium paid by an employer.

The comment period ends on November 8, 2013. In the meantime, clients with questions regarding these proposals may contact MedBen Vice President of Compliance Caroline Fraker at

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