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Putting Family Doc First Good For Health And Wallet


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Putting Family Doc First Good For Health And Wallet

On the blog, Dr. Davis Lui says there is more to the family doctor than meets the eye… and the numbers agree:

“If you view your primary care doctor as a person to simply get referrals from to get better care, think again.

“One health insurance plan focused on having patients see primary care doctors first to help them figure out how to proceed. Without primary care doctors helping patients, 60 percent of the time patients chose the wrong specialist. Selecting the wrong doctor wasn’t the only issue. On average, $1,500 was spent on various tests and diagnostic services visits over an eleven-month period before patients were told that the specialist could not help them. Result? Wasted time and money. By pairing patients with primary care doctors, the use of specialists fell by 14 percent, emergency room use decreased by 16 percent, prescriptions declined by 11 percent, and patients received the right care. Less time and money wasted.”

MedBen Worksite Wellness also believes in putting the family doctor first. Many wellness programs bring in outsiders to check your employees’ vital statistics and hand out health assessments. But afterward, employers still aren’t certain if employees have received essential care or if progress was made.

MedBen emphasizes physician office testing that keeps the primary care provider involved and eliminates the logistical headaches and potential redundancy of on-site screenings. And our progress reports and online services help members keep on top of their testing.

For additional information about MedBen Worksite Wellness, please call Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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