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Ransomware Presents Latest Challenge to Cybersecurity


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Ransomware Presents Latest Challenge to Cybersecurity


Health care security concerns continue to capture the media's attention, as the term "ransomware" has quickly entered the vernacular. It's a growing problem that demands constant attention... which is why MedBen maintains a multi-pronged response to cyber threats.

In 2015, ransomware attacks increased by 35% from the prior year. Even before the recent surge, MedBen already had numerous security measures in place to thwart malicious software, but we're never content to simply stand in place.

In addition to continually evaluating our internal protocols, MedBen regularly consults with security professionals to ensure that we are taking every possible preventive action to safeguard your information and stay ahead of looming dangers. Moreover, an outside auditing firm conducts unscheduled attempts to breach our security, all of which have been unsuccessful.

Equally important, the MedBen staff is trained to remain vigilant to possible attacks. Suspicious-looking e-mail attachments and questionable sales calls are reported to Vice President of Information Systems and Chief Privacy Office Rose McEntire, and notices of potential viruses, spyware, and phishing threats are posted on our Intranet site.

MedBen has had an in-house information systems team in place since the introduction of our internal mainframe network in the late 80’s. Even back then, long before the Internet turned cybersecurity into a 24/7 job, we made client security and privacy a priority. And while the sheer volume of malware – 430 million new variants in the last year alone – constantly presents new challenges, we stay committed to protecting your personal information.

MedBen clients with questions regarding our cybersecurity measures are welcome to contact McEntire at

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