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Ransomware Threats Require a Strong Defense


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Ransomware Threats Require a Strong Defense

Rose McEntire

When it comes to matters of personal security, sometimes common-sense solutions are the most effective — which is why MedBen performs full backups of electronic client data and stores it offsite at a secure location. Recent ransomware outbreaks have only reinforced the importance of having such a system in place.

According to the news site, new research has determined that health care organizations' computer networks are 114 times more likely to suffer ransomware attacks than those at financial institutions. This is due to the inherent value of their data as well as the (false) perception that such businesses are often technologically lacking.

Threat intelligence analyst Terrance DeJesus of the security firm Solutionary says that off-site backups are critical for health care data as well as the systems used to access it. Going a step further, MedBen also has a high availability disaster recovery solution in place along with our secure backup solution.

Long before the term "ransomware" entered the vernacular, MedBen has been proactive in taking appropriate steps to minimize threats. Of course, backups and recovery are just starting points... we have in place a wide variety of tools to maximize data security and guarantee client privacy.

The growth of cyberattacks has called for an unprecedented level of vigilance, but MedBen is up to the challenge. Clients who would like to know more about our security measures are welcome to contact Vice President of Information Systems and Chief Security Officer Rose McEntire at

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