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Reform Goal Of Reducing Uninsured May Have Opposite Effect


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Reform Goal Of Reducing Uninsured May Have Opposite Effect

Greg Scandlen a senior fellow of The Heartland Institute, asserts that the number of uninsured will actually go up under health care reform. Highlights are found below; you can read his complete thoughts at John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog.

Medicaid: “Nothing about ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion is likely to change this dynamic. Yes, there will be more advertising, and yes a larger number of people will be eligible, but quite of a few of those newly eligible people are already getting coverage on the job, so any expansion of enrollment is likely to be a crowd-out of private insurance. One of ObamaCare’s architects, Jonathan Gruber, has done extensive research on this subject and concluded that as much as 60% of the enrollment in expanded public programs is from people who had been privately insured. No doubt this effect grows bigger the higher up the income scale you go.”

Employment-Based Coverage: “Once ObamaCare kicks in, many more employers will drop coverage. The only dispute is over how many.

“Two years ago the well-respected McKinsey Company conducted a survey of employers and found that 30% said they will ‘definitely or probably’ drop their coverage. The survey was criticized by Obama’s supporters because it wasn’t an economic analysis. Odd, since the same folks seem to live or die according to survey results that are far less rigorous.”

The Exchanges: “At best, two-thirds of [uninsured] people will be hard to reach and even harder to sell (as any insurance agent could have told you years ago.) They are uninsured, not because they are deprived, but because they do not see value in it. The time to do this research would have been before passing the law, not afterwards. That way the law could have been tailored to meet their needs, instead of assuming they will comply with whatever Nancy Pelosi crams down their throats. So out of the 50 million or so currently uninsured we might get 15 million who sign up for coverage.”

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