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Regular Exercise Can Save You Money


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Regular Exercise Can Save You Money


Here's a good reason to promote the value of exercise to your employees: It could save them $2,500 a year.

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an analysis of 26,239 men and women found that just 30 minutes of walking five days a week can result in a substantial reduction in medical costs.

Researchers from Yale, Johns Hopkins, and other universities and hospitals reviewed data from a 2012 health and lifestyle survey and determined that individuals who exercise regularly realize greater financial savings than those who don't engage in regular physical activity. People with a history of cardiovascular disease who worked out regularly saved up to $2,500 annually, including $400 on prescription drugs, than those who did not. Even people with less serious health issues can cut their medical bills by an average of $500 just by exercising.

At MedBen, we incentivize our employees for staying active: Those who work out three or more times a week will have additional money contributed to their HRAs. If you're a MedBen WellLiving client and would to discuss ways to incentivize your work force to exercise, just contact your Group Service Representative.

Read more about the value of exercise at The New York Times and USA Today.

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