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Rise In Diabetes Spurs New Treatment Strategies


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Rise In Diabetes Spurs New Treatment Strategies

The rise in U.S. obesity over the past several decades has been accompanied by a increase in Type 2 diabetes. The best strategy for reducing the risk of the disease is a sensible weight loss program. But for those already afflicted, the solution is less clear.

The Wall Street Journal recently explored new strategies for treating diabetes. Revised guidelines for treating the disease suggest doctors eschew a one-size-fits-all program, instead varying treatments based on a patient’s age, general health and even personal preferences.

For example: Earlier standards advocated reducing the blood sugar of diabetes patients to a standard targeted level. But the new guidelines recommend that doctors reserve that strategy for younger patients, while using a less aggressive approach with older patients.

A more extreme approach for treating the disease is bariatric surgery, which results in dramatic weight loss. In spite of its potential complications, the treatment has increasingly found favor in the medical community as obesity rates have grown.

The latest guidelines do reaffirm a gradual boost in drug therapy dosage. But recent research suggests that hitting the disease early and hard may be a more effective approach.

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