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Road Trip Survival Tips


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Road Trip Survival Tips

Going to take the family on one more weekend getaway before summer vacation ends? If you plan to be in the car for an extended period of time, WebMD offers some ideas to reduce stress while countering the common tendency to overeat.

Fight mental stress with physical stress. “At least every two hours, do something that stresses your muscles for 30 to 60 seconds,” suggests Dian Griesel, PhD. Muscle stress keeps human growth hormone levels high, which keeps hunger in check.

Fill’er up – with fruit. “Fruit naturally maintains electrolyte flow through your body, which keeps your muscles comfortable,” Griesel says.

Forgo caffeine and soda and drink water. “It makes for an unpleasant trip when someone is jacked up on caffeine or sugar,” Griesel says.

Stretch your brain. Trot out those travel games you played as a kid. “Mental exercises create distraction and bonding in the car’s close quarters,” says wellness specialist Wayne Andersen, MD.

Get out and stretch your body. Get out of the car, walk around and stretch for a few minutes every hour or two. It rejuvenates the body and help you shake any post-meal fatigue.

Do your best Darth Vader impression. If tensions start to run high, park the car and take a (literal) breather. “Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and when you breathe out, do your best Darth Vader impression. The added vibration has been proven to relax the body better,” Griesel says. “Take 10 of these deep breaths to help you regroup.”

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