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Rx Sales Reps Don't Just Provide Freebies, Study Suggests


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Rx Sales Reps Don't Just Provide Freebies, Study Suggests

Accusations that pharmacy sales reps have unduly influenced physicians to prescribe their products has led many doctors to say “no” to pitch meetings – and the free meals, trips and other gifts that often accompany them. But a new study suggests that cutting back on facetime or severing ties from sales reps altogether may have a downside. Blogger Ed Silverman writes:

“After the FDA approved the first-in-class Januvia diabetes pill, for instance, docs who had little interaction with reps took longer to write prescriptions than docs whose access to reps was not as restricted. Meanwhile, physicians who rarely, if ever, saw reps were slowest to change their prescribing habits after negative news emerged about the Avandia diabetes pill and the Vytorin cholesterol drug…

“’These findings emphasize that limiting access to pharmaceutical representatives can have the unintended effect of reducing appropriate responses to negative information about drugs just as much as responses to positive information about innovative drugs,’ the authors wrote in the
Journal of Clinical Hypertension, adding that specialists were more responsive to changes in information than primary care docs. ‘This result has significant clinical implications given that primary care physicians represent the first line of medical treatment for patients in our health care system.’”

Read more at Pharmalot.

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