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Scammers Taking Advantage Of Health Care Reform Confusion


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Scammers Taking Advantage Of Health Care Reform Confusion

Public confusion over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has led to an increase in health insurance scams, NPR reports.

In 2012, the federal goverment received nearly 80,000 complaints of suspected fraudulent activity – up 12% from the year before. And while seniors are typically the targets of these types of scams, they’re hardly the only victims nowadays.

“America is rife with health scams,” says James Quiggle, communications director at the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud in Washington, D.C. “Crooks are offering fake health coverage, stripped-down policies masquerading as real coverage. They’re also selling what – they’re lying – is fake Obamacare coverage,” he explains.

Recent have found that well over half of Americans say they still don’t understand how the new health law will affect them. “Crooks are playing on that confusion. Confusion is a crook’s best friend,” says Quiggle.

To avoid becoming a scam victim, use common sense, says the Federal Trade Commission’s Lois Greisman. “The first line of defense is don’t take a call from out of the blue from anyone who’s offering to help you navigate the new health care market. Those kinds of cold calls just shouldn’t take place – same thing with an unsolicited email, an unsolicited text.”

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