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Shifting The Focus On Health Care Reform


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Shifting The Focus On Health Care Reform

Peter Pitts of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest makes the argument that a health care reform is most effective with a smaller focus – but that there are lessons to be learned from one particular federal program:

“One of the big mistakes of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was to try to solve all of our national health care problems at the same time and on a national scale. The individual mandate was just the poster child for many of the law’s fantasy solutions.

“Now’s the time to stop talking about health care “reform” and start focusing on the need for health care evolution….

“The opportunity is to realize that the way we can evolve health care is by recognizing that it must be done locally – on a state-by-state level. When it comes to reform, states are the laboratories of invention…

“If a key goal of health care evolution is broader coverage at lower costs, one national program that offers valuable lessons for the path forward is Medicare Part D (the Medicare prescription drug benefit). Part D applies free-enterprise principles to the nation’s health care system (letting competition drive down prices and increase choice and quality) rather than operating like a government-managed utility.”

Read more at Pharmalot.

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