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A $1.3 Million Late-Stage Cancer Diagnosis


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A $1.3 Million Late-Stage Cancer Diagnosis

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Only 20% of employer-driven wellness programs offer colorectal screenings, leading to poor prognoses and national spending in excess of $7.4 billion for cancer treatment.

A recent Employee Benefit News piece tells how a man found himself stuck with $1.3 million in billed charges, borne by the employer, health plan, patient and his family, and attributed to a “consequence of a later-stage diagnosis” for his colorectal cancer. Sadly, he’s not alone – nearly 60% of diagnosed colorectal cases are discovered in a later stage due to under-screening.

From its start, MedBen WellLiving was built around plan members getting regular preventative screenings, including a colonoscopy every 10 years beginning at age 50. We’ve seen how early detection is key to obtaining a better prognosis for the patient while lowering health plan costs for employers.

With preventive care compliance as its foundation, MedBen WellLiving has driven positive results. Clients have seen only a 4.4% trend (versus a 6.4% for non-WellLiving clients) over the last five years and reduced health risks for their populations.

To learn more about what MedBen WellLiving has to offer you, contact our Marketing Department today at 888-627-8683.

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