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Sports Drinks Not The Best Cure For Olympic-Sized Thirst, Studies Say


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Sports Drinks Not The Best Cure For Olympic-Sized Thirst, Studies Say

Has watching the Olympics motivated you to exercise more? If so, it’s not surprising – two weeks of morning-to-night competition brings out the superjock in some individuals. And just like the Olympic athletes, many people fuel their workouts with sports drinks.

But not so fast with those store-bought beverages, says the Harvard Health Blog. Based on the conclusions of several studies published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), sports drinks are no more effective than water in maintaining proper fluid balance during exercise – and they deliver unneeded calories to boot.

The BMJ team also noted that the makers of sports drinks push their products as a better fix for dehydration than water. But dehydration isn’t the biggest concern when working out, the researchers argue – overhydration is. Drinking too much liquid can result in hyponatremia, a potentially fatal condition that sports drinks don’t appear to prevent.

In response to a question from the blog about how an athlete can tell when to replenish fluids, Harvard team physician Dr. Francis Wang replied, “For most players, thirst is a good guide for hydration.” And the same goes for those us who aren’t necessarily striving for gold-medal glory.

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