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Study Suggests Many Stent Patients Aren't Told Options


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Study Suggests Many Stent Patients Aren't Told Options

The Wall Street Journal Health Blog reports that only 10% of coronary stent recipients are given information on alternative treatment options, based on a survey of nearly 500 Medicare patients.

The study – which, it should be noted, was based solely on the patient’s recollection of events – also found that only 19% of coronary stent recipients recalled discussing the drawbacks of the procedure, and only 16% recalled being asked their preferences for treatment type.

A coronary stent is a tube placed in the heart arteries to keep the vessels open. According to Reuters Health, stenting procedures cost the United States about $12 billion every year and up to half of the procedures are unnecessary.

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Care management does not and will not overrule the decisions of a patient’s physician. It merely works with the doctor to ensure that the patient is receiving the proper level of treatment, and that his or her care is eligible for coverage under your company’s health care plan.

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