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Studies Link Extra Weight To Physical And Mental Risks


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Studies Link Extra Weight To Physical And Mental Risks

Need even more incentive to get off the couch and on the treadmill? Here’s two new studies that may give you additional, uh, food for thought:

  • Even a slight beer belly increases the risk of death for people with coronary artery disease, say reseachers at the Mayo Clinic. Medical News Today reports that information from five studies involving nearly 16,000 patients with the disease indicates that individuals with central obesity were twice as likely to die. The researchers note that the risk from extra weight is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes daily or having extremely high cholesterol levels.
  • A 30-year study of 9,000 Swedish twins (no, really) found that extra body fat may increase the risk of dementia, according to Reuters (via Yahoo! Health). Though the study wasn’t specifically intended to link weight and mental decay, the results suggested that overweight or obese participants had about an 80% higher chance of getting dementia than those of normal weight. The twins were, on average, 43 years old when they began the study.

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