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Survey Highlights U.S. Health Care Concerns


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Survey Highlights U.S. Health Care Concerns

The Kevin.MD blog brings up a rather brilliant point: When members of Congress were shaping the Affordable Care Act, just how much input did they get from average Americans about what they want from health care? The Commonwealth Fund has taken on the task of asking such questions – and based on their answers, either people so far aren’t buying what the goverment is selling, or they’re still not quite certain what’s in the 2,700-page epic. (Probably, a little of both.)

Among the findings, as reported on Kevin.MD:

  • 72% of American adults believe that our health care system needs to be fundamentally changed or completely rebuilt.
  • 71% have experienced difficulty in accessing a doctor without having to go to an emergency room, especially any time other than Monday through Friday, 8 to 5; 55% report wasteful poorly coordinated care; and 21% reported having experienced a medical error in the past two years.
  • 96% want accessible, coordinated, well-informed care; 94% want a medical home; 86% want doctors and nurses to work as teams; 92% want information technology applied to health care; and 57% want Internet access to their records and email communication with their physicians.
  • 75% expressed worry about their own future health care.
  • And, 86% believe that prices for all aspects of medical care including products and services should be negotiated by public and private payers to control costs and improve quality.

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