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MedBen Takes an "Encompassing" Approach to Employee Health


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MedBen Takes an "Encompassing" Approach to Employee Health

MedBen is taking its company wellness efforts to another level, offering employees tips and tools for living a better life, while earning them extra vacation time in the process.

In 2017, MedBen introduced "enCompass," a complement to our internal WellLiving program. Through enCompass, we bring together six distinct components that contribute to one's personal wellbeing – physical, intellectual, financial, social, occupational, and emotional. Each of these components offered a unique set of activities, from workout classes and nutritional seminars to software training and stress management sessions.

By participating in enCompass presentations and activities, MedBen employees earned points that could be used toward extra vacation time. Those who achieved this goal represent over 10% of our employee population. In total, nearly one-third of our employees participated in the program in 2017.

enCompass reward winners

MedBen employees who earned a full day vacation include: Caroline Fraker, Sheri Gutridge, Tammy Jones, Erin Kelly, Brenda McLean, Tiffany Ricket, Stacey Spring and Kay Williams.
Half-day vacation earners include: Robin Becker, Ashlyn Degler, Cindy Dittoe, Janice Harris, Abbie Hughes, Lindsay Kirk, Becky McCune and Jackie Turner.

In 2018, MedBen will continue to promote the total wellbeing of its employees, in mind as well as body, with expanded enCompass programming. Congratulations to every MedBen employee who earned time off or participated in enCompass!

MedBen can work with WellLiving clients to offer similar activities and incentives to expand their wellness program. For more information, contact your Group Health Representative.

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