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Taking More Vitamin D Doesn't Prevent Colds, Study Says


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Taking More Vitamin D Doesn't Prevent Colds, Study Says

Taking an extra vitamin D supplement to keep colds at bay? Research from New Zealand suggests it may not benefit you much.

Reuters Health reports that the study randomly assigned two groups of adults to receive either a monthly dose of vitamin D – starting at 200,000 international units for the first two months, then dropping to 100,000 IU – or to get a placebo. Over the next year, the difference between the two groups in the average number of colds and other respiratory infections they caught was statistically insignificant – 3.7 for the vitamin D group compared to 3.8 in placebo group.

The researchers did note that the particpants were generally healthy to begin with, so they couldn’t say for certain that vitamin D wouldn’t help kids or adults deficient in the vitamin. But “In the population we studied, we can be very confident that it has no effect on prevention or severity (of colds),” said lead author Dr. David Murdoch, from the University of Otago in Christchurch.

“If you have a good diet and definitely if you’re taking vitamin D, taking more is not going to help,” added Dr. Jeffrey Linder from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who wrote a commentary accompanying the new study.

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