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Team MedBen Runs and Jumps (and Zumbas) for Better Heart Health


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Team MedBen Runs and Jumps (and Zumbas) for Better Heart Health

MedBen joined other local businesses on the Newark (OH) Courthouse Square to engage in good-spirited competition while promoting better heart health at the 2018 Licking County HeartChase on Saturday, May 6. Created by the American Heart Association (AHA), the event raised over $136,000 to fight heart disease... a record for Licking County and ranking it as the second largest HeartChase in the nation.


MedBen fielded 9 teams to participate in the event. Teams earned points by partaking in a variety of fun (and heart-healthy) feats, such as tossing swim rings on teammates' arms, catching badminton birdies in buckets, and even participating in a brief Zumba class.

MedBen also co-sponsored the local HeartChase, with Chairman Doug Freeman heading the event's executive leadership team and serving as its master of ceremonies.

"Today, our community takes a big step toward better health and stands together in the fight against our nation's number one and number five killers – heart disease and stroke," Freeman said. "HeartChase is about building healthier behaviors and collectively, as a community, to start making lifestyle changes that will lead us all to better health and wellbeing."

As for how MedBen fared in the competition, our Heart & Sole Mates team took third place overall... plus, the MedBen Brave Hearts won the Team Spirit Award for their stylish attire!

Learn more about how your business can have a good time for a good cause in your community by visiting the HeartChase page at the AHA website.

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