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The "Three P's" And The Future Of Health Care Delivery


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The "Three P's" And The Future Of Health Care Delivery

Digital technology will radically transform the practice of medicine, predicts Dr. David Levin, the Chief Medical Information Officer at the Cleveland Clinic. “Change is coming as we transition from a volume-based system to a value-based system, where people get paid based on the results, quality of care, efficiency, and how satisfied our patients are,” Levin, a speaker at the HealthBeat 2013 conference, said.

According to MedCity News, Levin commented that health care is only now catching up with other industries in regard to new forms of technology that could streamline operations, make workflow more efficient, and centralize data in one organized and accessible place. He also identified the “three P’s” for the future of health care:

Personalization – “We are going to see medical practice highly customized for each individual, using real time information and considering individual preferences and tastes,” Levin said.

Population-based – Health care delivery will “zoom out” to systems designed for large groups of similar patients. By gathering and analyzing health data, clinicians and researchers can gain greater insight into health patterns.

Pervasive – “Rather than you going to health care, health care will come to you,” Levin said. “Can you imagine banking if you had to get permission to see your balance or make a visit to a branch to answer a question? This is the current state of most health care, but looking at trends in other industries we can see what is ahead.”

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