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Tired Of Insomnia? Try These Natural Fixes


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Tired Of Insomnia? Try These Natural Fixes

Given how many Americans get less than eight hours of sleep every night, the last thing we can afford is to lose what little rest we do allow ourselves. So should you suffer from insomnia, it helps to have a game plan to dose off again fast. And if you can do it without relying on prescription sleeping pills, so much the better.

WebMD offers several natural remedies to try if you’re among the 30-40% of adults who say they suffer from occasional insomnia. We’ll summarize their ideas here:

Foods, Herbs and Supplements:

  • Warm milk is a time-tested insomnia defense – the calcium content helps the brain produce melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep/wake cycle.
  • Foods containing a combination of protein and carbohydrates, such as a banana with peanut butter, may induce slumber.
  • Magnesium can be found in supplement form as well as leafy vegetables and almonds.
  • For herbal fixes, try valerian root or l-theanine, or take a hot bath with lavender oil.

Lifestyle Changes:

  • Minimize light by turning off your bedroom TV (or, better yet, moving it out altogether) and turning your clock radio and other appliances away from your bed.
  • People who exercise earlier in the day are shown to have less trouble sleeping, so try working out in the mornings.
  • Make your bedroom as tranquil as possible. Keep your room cool, buy a good mattress, use a pillow that supports your head and neck, and if necessary, invest in a white noise machine.

And if you can’t fall asleep within 30 minutes? Get up and leave your bedroom or read. Don’t get back into bed until you feel tired again.

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