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MedBen Clients Achieve Healthier Workplace With Wellness Focus


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MedBen Clients Achieve Healthier Workplace With Wellness Focus

Jill Evans of Park National Corporation

In 2007, MedBen launched a Worksite Wellness with a simple idea – detect and treat health risks as early as possible. Five years later, employers who have put the plan in place are seeing real results. At last week’s Wellness Conference, representatives from two MedBen clients talked about the success of their respective programs.

Today, we highlight Park National Corporation’s presentation. On Thursday, we’ll offer an overview of Fisher-Titus Medical Center’s approach to wellness.

Jill Evans, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources at Park National Corporation, oversees the health care needs of nearly 1,300 medical plan members. Since partnering with MedBen in 2008 to introduce an “opt-out” wellness program, the percentage of members receiving annual wellness exams, cholesterol screenings and colonoscopies has more than doubled.

“After three years, the costs for asthma, hypertension and coronary artery disease are coming down, or at least remaining neutral instead of increasing,” Evans said in her presentation, adding that status reports help them track the cost of specific conditions.

Key to these accomplishments is offering incentives for program participation. Park pays 100% of the recommended screenings when completed by an in-network provider. Covered participants who complete recommended screenings by a designated date are “compliant” and receive lower premiums, deductibles and co-insurance for the following year. Those who do not move to the higher-cost “non-compliant” plan.

Also important is maintaining participant awareness of the program. To that end, Park uses an assortment of screening reminders – everything from restroom and kitchen flyers to automated phone messages, to ensure the message gets across.

MedBen thanks Jill for providing her insights at the Wellness Conference. For additional information about MedBen Worksite Wellness, we invite you to call Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at (888) 627-8683.

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