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To Be A Happy Patient, First Be A Smart Consumer


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To Be A Happy Patient, First Be A Smart Consumer

Sometimes, the words “patient” and “consumer” are used interchangeably. And while it may seem unbecoming to describe a person getting a checkup with the same term used for buyers of Big Macs, there are times the word is entirely appropriate, writes Roys Laux:

“[A]s healthcare coverage changes in America, as patients become more responsible for paying out of pocket upfront, you can bet they’ll be looking at the decisions through a consumer lens.

“It’s time for all of us to change our thinking.

“Consumers need to think about what matters most to them so they can effectively value a provider or treatment when they embark on their next hiring decision. A convenient appointment time and waiting room with amenities may be valuable to one, while another places greater value on the volume of procedures the HCP performs each week and yet another values physician bedside manner and staff responsiveness most. With greater visibility into patient experience before one hires a provider, consumers can determine just what service they’re willing to pay for and how much.

“Caregivers need to be open to and encourage patient feedback. Many physicians don’t like to think of new patient acquisition as a ‘hiring experience.’ But that’s exactly what it is. Consumers are paying for a service – a very personal, very important service. Providers should provide great customer service, great clinical quality and visibility about price every step of the way.”

Read more at MedCity News.

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