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Trying A Group Approach To Better Health


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Trying A Group Approach To Better Health

As MedBen clients Park National Corporation and Fisher-Titus Medical Center noted at a recent Wellness Conference, incentives – in the form of lower premiums, HRA contributions, or even sharing success stories – can spur member participation in a worksite wellness program. Typically, such perks are aimed at the individual level. But health care provider Kaiser Permanente and a coalition of unions are testing how peer pressure works in promoting healthy lifestyles:

“The contract signed this month by negotiators for Kaiser and the union coalition […] sets a modest fitness goal for its members – a 5% improvement in body mass, cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking rates by the end of 2016 – and promises financial rewards if the workers collectively stay on target. Although the details have to be ironed out, the rewards will be pegged to the savings that Kaiser sees in its healthcare costs. It’s hard to say how much of a bonus workers stand to reap, but considering how much the company spends on employee healthcare, the savings could be significant.

“The incentive is unusual because it’s based on the group’s progress, not each employee’s. That’s a departure from the typical approach, which stresses individual responsibility and rewards (or, less often, punishments). The theory is that workers will be more motivated if they know that their efforts will affect their colleagues’ pay as well as their own, and that groups of people are more likely to stay committed to diets and exercise than individuals.”

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

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