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Two-thirds Of Americans Don't Understand Health Reform Law


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Two-thirds Of Americans Don't Understand Health Reform Law

The majority of Americans are still in the dark about how health care reform will affect them, finds a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

Kaiser Family Foundation Poll Results

On the eve of the third anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, two-thirds of the uninsured under age 65 – and 57% of the overall population – say do they do not understand how the law will impact them.

As Kaiser Health News notes, with enrollment for new coverage in the exchanges and Medicaid expansion set to begin on October 1, states and the federal government have only a short window to educate consumers about comparing insurance plans and signing up for coverage.

The poll also revealed that 48% of Americans say hey have heard nothing at all about whether their state will run its own exchange, and 78% say they heard enough to say whether their state plans to expand Medicaid. In fact, as health care reform has received less coverage, the public appears to be less knowledgeable about such popular provisions as tax credits to small business to buy insurance and guaranteed coverage.

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