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US Sets Healthy Goals For 2020, Emphasizes Prevention


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US Sets Healthy Goals For 2020, Emphasizes Prevention

Late last year, this blog briefly touched on Healthy People 2020 – a Department of Health and Human Services effort to encourage Americans to practice better lifestyle habits. The program sets various benchmarks that will hopefully be acheived in the coming decade, such as reducing the percentage of US smokers from 21% to 12%, and lowering the obesity rate from 34% of the population to 31%, among other goals.

HealthDay News (via Yahoo! Health) goes into greater detail about Healthy People 2020. HHS says that the key to reaching the benchmarks can be summed up in one word: prevention. In conjunction with the American Heart Association, the federal government will promote specific preventive activities, such as increasing the number of people who get blood pressure and cholesterol tests, and raising awareness of the early warning signs of stroke and heart attack.

With the AHA on board, heart-oriented objectives play a major role in the program. The organization has developed its own 2020 Impact Goal – improve US cardiovascular health by 20% while reducing heart-related deaths by 20% – and will push Americans to get active, eat better and lose weight.

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