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Website Takes Patients Step-By-Step Through Medical Procedures


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Website Takes Patients Step-By-Step Through Medical Procedures

The Wall Street Journal Health Blog brings to our attention a new online tool designed to reduce the stress of an upcoming surgery. Health Dialog’s HD Care Compass, available in both web and mobile versions, offers extensive patient guides on what to expect before, during and after seven major procedures, including cardiac catheterization, breast biopsies, and knee replacement surgeries.

Say, for example, that you’re preparing for a cardiac catheterization. HD Care Compass begins with your initial meeting with your cardiologist and notes the tests (i.e., EKG, imaging studies) you may have before the procedure. You’ll also find a list of things to do beforehard (call your insurer, gather medical information).

On the day of the procedure, you’re advised what to bring (medication and allergy list, overnight bag) and how to prepare. The site then details what to expect in the catheterization lab ("It’s common to feel objects on your body during the procedure"), followed by post-operative and home recovery.

Health Dialog’s chief medical officer, Peter Goldbach, says the guides were created based on feedback from patients, many of whom felt clueless about what to expect from a procedure. “With a written, step-by step guide that can be taken home and shared with the family, it is easier to be prepared for things you wouldn’t have thought to ask about.”

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