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Whatever The Supreme Court Ruling Is, Political Fallout Awaits


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Whatever The Supreme Court Ruling Is, Political Fallout Awaits

For nearly three months, Washington has held its collective breath as the Obama administration, legislators and lobbyists await the Supreme Court’s verdict on the future of health care reform law. Politico recently examined the three main scenarios the President faces when the decision is finally made known:

Chaos: Mandate struck down, other parts preserved
“Many SCOTUS watchers think one of the most likely scenarios is that the court will toss out the individual mandate and keep the rest of the law. That would leave a lot of the popular pieces alone, like covering pre-existing conditions, eliminating the ‘donut hole’ gap for senior prescription benefits and letting young adults stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26 […]

“One small problem: It’s lousy policy, one that Democrats say is a recipe for political confusion and flawed policy that virtually guarantees that the popular stuff in the law won’t work.”

Clarity: The whole law goes down
“It may seem paradoxical but losing the entire law is probably a more palatable political alternative for the White House than killing it in agonizing pieces […]

“[The] threat that [the pre-existing conditions provision and other] protections would disappear would likely become a major part of Obama’s case against [Mitt] Romney and the Republicans.”

Miracle: Law is upheld
“The notion that Chief Justice John Roberts will suddenly discover his inner Earl Warren isn’t outside the realm of possibility. It’s more likely swing-vote Justice Anthony Kennedy could join court liberals in upholding the law, despite his pointed, almost hostile questioning of government lawyers […]

“It’s still a net political loser for Democrats, especially in blue-collar battlegrounds such as Ohio, Democrats say. The Obama team’s failure to sell the bill for the past two years simply can’t be overcome by one miraculous day at the high court.”

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